Fiduciary Services

Hall & Diana’s lawyers have a history of serving as trustees and executors for our clients and their families over generations. We have as much expertise as larger corporate fiduciaries such as banks and trust companies, but we provide a more personal and attentive experience for clients. We enjoy getting to know donors and beneficiaries and helping them plan for life events like the birth of children, saving for college, buying a house, or starting a business.

Our services as professional trustees and executors include:

  • Working closely with investment professionals to manage marketable securities held in trusts and estates;
  • Overseeing specialty assets such as real estate, artwork, or closely held stock;
  • Communicating regularly with donors and beneficiaries to keep them updated about the trust or estate;
  • Overseeing preparation of fiduciary income tax returns and payment of taxes; and
  • Impartial decision-making about discretionary distributions.